About Us

Our Passion

At EcoBuggy, our passion is creating plant-based insect repellent and protection products that offer uncompromised product performance and are safe for your family and the planet.

What’s the Challenge?

Most natural products don’t work as effectively as more traditional synthetic chemical-based products, forcing you to make a compromise between safety and performance.

How EcoBuggy Tackled the Challenge:

EcoBuggy leverages science to propel nature to provide the most effective insect control products using plant-based ingredients. Our products are as effective as traditional synthetic chemical-based products while ensuring safety for your loved ones.

Introducing New EcoBuggy® – nature’s most effective insect control brand!


  • Proven to be effective and long-lasting in extensive laboratory and field testing

  • State registered

Family Safety

  • Safe for the whole family

  • Derm-tested, allergy-tested, non-irritating

  • Toxin-free

  • Fresh fragrance and great skin feel

  • Safe on fabric and gear


  • 100% plant-based formulas

  • DEET & Pyrethroid Free

  • Components recyclable and  sourced domestically

  • Made in USA

New, Exclusive and Innovative Technology

Our unique, patent-pending HTR Technology steadily releases actives over time for longer-lasting insect protection and control.

How HTR™ Works

  • Essential oils naturally evaporate quickly

  • In HTR, the 100% plant-based actives are encapsulated into hydrogel cells. Gradually the hydrogel water-based sphere emits the active ingredients over time, overcoming the challenge of losing the effectiveness of the essential oils quickly. 

That's 100% peace of mind. No compromise. Family time at its best. 


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